Chromebook Tips Every Teacher Should Know

Ricky -

Shortcuts! Use Them!

Cards on the table, we love Chromebooks. They’re a fast, relatively low-cost portal to powerful learning opportunities. And that’s what we want out of classroom technology: something to push learning beyond current limitations.

We collected some next-level tips every Chromebook-using instructor should know:

Shortcuts! Use Them!

There are tons of em. Here are some major ones you should be using:

Ctrl+N: New window

Ctrl+T: New tab

Ctrl+Shift+W: Close current window

Ctrl+Tab: Next tab

Ctrl+Shift+Right/Left Arrow: Select text one word at a time

Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down Arrow: Select text one line at a time

Alt + F or Alt + E: Opens Chrome settings menu

Alt+1, Alt+2: Navigate between different windows

Ctrl+Shift+a: Select all

Alt+Tab: Go to next window

Ctrl+F: Find

Shift+Search: Caps lock/disable caps lock

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